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More Wine Enthusiast Ratings for Wild Diamond Varietals

In July, we proudly announced Wine Enthusiast scores for 12 of our Wild Diamond and Dumb Luck varietals.

We’re wrapping up the summertime with more good news! Wine Enthusiast has scored nine more of our wines, including another Editor’s Choice and a prestigious Cellar Selection.

See how they scored us here:

2016 Wild Diamond Cabernet Sauvignon 94, Cellar Selection
2017 Wild Diamond Cabernet Sauvignon 94, Editors’ Choice
2014 Wild Diamond Barbera Homme 91
2016 Wild Diamond Merlot 90
2014 Wild Diamond Barbera femme 88
2014 Wild Diamond Merlot 88
2013 Wild Diamond Merlot 87
2014 Wild Diamond Cabernet Sauvignon 87
2015 Wild Diamond Barbera 87

Be sure to check out the November issue of the online magazine and the December issue of the print magazine to see these Wild Diamond varietals featured!

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